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Canadian Optical eyeframes

We navigate the whole world through our eyes so why not make sure we are choosing
the perfect pair of spectacles for our vision health? All our vision problems can be fixed with
much simpler solutions than we expect which is why we must consider 5 crucial steps when
buying the perfect pair of eyeglasses. To choose the perfect pair of Canadian optical eyeglasses, make sure you go to the best optical shop in Canada, to shop for the best selection. To learn more about the essential factors when choosing eyeglasses, continue reading.

Factors to consider when choosing the perfect pair of Canadian Optical Eyeglasses:

1: Prescription

One of the most common mistakes eyeglasses wearers make is mismanaging
prescriptions. Optometrists recommend checking your prescription every 1-3 years to avoid
more damage. Improper prescription is the leading cause of headaches and can worsen your
vision later on.

The best solution is to go to your personal optometrist to re-check your vision and
visit Canadian Optical Supply for the best eyeglasses.

2: Style of Frame:

Your eyeglasses are your everyday uniform so we have to make sure your frames
capture who you are to the world. When visiting Canadian Optical Supply or other optical
stores, you will be greeted with three frame options: rimmed, rimless, or semi-rimmed


This is a mutual greeting to see which of the three suits you best in shape and width.
Additionally, you must consider the two types of materials the frames are made of:
metal or plastic.


The variety of frames also comes with its own set of pros and cons:
For example, when living in humid conditions, it is best to avoid buying eyeglasses
that have nose-pads because that can lead to infections and discolouration of glasses. On the
other hand, considering the purchase of plastic eyeglasses for children ensures the eyeglass
durability for longevity.

3. Choose the best fit

Of course, appearance plays a large role when finding the spectacles that suit us best
but we can’t ignore the comfort necessary to wear them all the time. Your eyewear needs to
have a proper fit – meaning they should not irritate your nose or ears.

Knowing the width and appearance of the face, we are able to tailor the best fit of
eyeglasses together. Whether you prefer a sporty or chic look, your eyeglasses should fit your
face efficiently enough to not have to keep adjusting your head for the perfect vision.

4. Lens Design and Material

Next, you need to find the lens design you want: single vision, zero power, or
progressive. Again, an experienced professional can help you make this decision and provide
proper information about your choice.

After deciding on your prescribed lens material, you will have the superfecta of:
comfort, appearance, safety, and vision. Different types of Canadian Optical and Eye Frames
Canada are available; glass and polycarbonate are among the many options you should

Make sure you consult your personal or nearest optometrist before making any
decisions as they can provide you with the best suggestions.

5. Lens Coating

Lastly, you need to choose a lens coating that will add value and longevity to your
glasses. For example: scratch-resistant coatings can prevent scratches, and it can be a good
option to avoid fear of dropping the eyeglasses.


An anti-reflective coating would also be a good option because the coating prevents glares and halos from incoming light. The coatings play a massive role in enhancing the performance and durability of your
glasses so, make sure you consider lens coating before placing your order.


Following the above steps, you are ready to choose the perfect eyeglasses that suit
your style and needs! Make sure you seek out an optometrist to aid in your vision needs and
visit Optical Supply to explore the newest frame options.